The install was hassle-free, the requirement for maintenance is reduced and we are assured of prompt and reliable service. Absolutely superb!

Gareth Valentine-Saunders
IT Manager


Arena’s initial proposal particularly impressed Gareth; “When they came for a site survey, Arena didn’t just look at our own ideas, they saw the bigger picture of how we work. They had absolutely fantastic ideas to help us achieve our current aims whilst making sure that the Managed Print Service will be flexible to future changes.” This is vital as the college foresees the introduction of a full Follow Me solution and technology to enable, control and monitor printing from mobile devices in the near future.

Service was the key factor when Ashville chose to work with Arena, and they haven’t been let down; “Arena showed great attention to detail and were very responsive. Whenever we asked a question there was always an answer straight away - even out of work hours. Our account manager, Nick Payne, made himself available whenever it was convenient for us.”

With a small IT team, Ashville could not afford to dedicate staff resource to the install. Gareth recalls; “the install was exactly what I wanted, not just a box drop. Arena’s Professional Services team had a plan and followed it perfectly.” This allowed his team to continue with their day-to-day roles; “There was a lot less work for my guys than expected, it all went smoothly and much more quickly than expected.”

The service has had a positive impact on the end users too. “Previously, if two or three machines were broken at the same time it could take a couple of weeks to fix them. The response from Arena’s engineers assures against significant down time.” The professionalism of the engineers has also been noted by college staff; “Overall he is excellent; well-presented and highly regarded by our staff because he explains things in a straight-forward way.”

Gareth notes that the staff have been impressed by the system; “They are very happy with the quality and improved reliability.” User behaviour is also changing in-line with the new machine set-up; “we are seeing reduced colour printing - only when it’s needed - and they are generally using the most economical device for the print job – even the head teacher no longer has a printer in his office.”

Looking ahead, Ashville plan to install a full ‘Follow Me’ print solution to further reduce wasteful and unnecessary printing and improve document security. The increased reporting and control is also a major benefit; “We’ve never monitored printing before and it’s been a surprise who the biggest users are. The full reports we’ll get with the full Follow Me solution will be brilliant.”

A delighted Gareth summarises; “the install was hassle-free, the requirement for maintenance is reduced and we are assured of prompt and reliable service. Absolutely superb!”

Ashville College