We are constantly amazed at how we managed without mstore. I was sceptical about how electronic document management could help my business but I am now a complete convert.

Glyn Brown
Managing Director

Managing Director Glyn Brown explains how Arena Group’s mstore software for electronic document management has benefitted the business.

“Our administration systems remained paper based throughout Archerdale’s expansion. All the paperwork relating to a particular order was stapled together and stored in a bank of lever arch files referenced by date. The documents included requests to tender, drawings, quotes from suppliers, delivery papers, correspondence, emails and accounts documents such as invoices.

“In 1995 our sales had increased such that we needed more space for stock so we looked to relocate to new premises. It became evident that the way we managed our paperwork would need to change to support the growing business. Excellent customer service is at the core of our success so it was important that we maintained or improved our standards.

mstore was introduced to provide a multifunctional document repository. “All paper which is transaction related is scanned and indexed into the system. Digital documents such as emails are attached to the relevant file directly from the programs in which they are created or received. From enquiry to invoice an electronic file is built containing all the documents related to a specific job. mstore is integrated with our existing systems and databases so that we can retrieve any document at the click of a mouse and everything is kept together.

“Transactions have increased threefold but with mstore we can manage further expansion without taking on more staff and whilst maintaining our enviable service levels. Queries can be answered quickly and easily whilst the customer or supplier is on the telephone and documents can be emailed directly from the screen. Immediate benefits accrue in dramatically increased service levels and efficiency. We have significantly reduced the amount of paper we handle and store, we have more space and we copy and print less.

mstore has simplified our credit control processes too. We can instantly access information, add notes to files and schedule reminders to manage outstanding debts more efficiently. ISO 9002 audits are also easier and the time that auditors spend on our site has reduced. We don’t prepare hard copy information for them anymore, instead we sit them in front of one of our screens and the information they need is at their fingertips.

“Everyone has quickly got to grips with mstore and recognised how much easier it makes their daily work; it’s one of the easiest and most effective document management applications I’ve ever used. The cost of installing mstore has been recouped in less than six months, I haven’t sat down and worked out the financial saving but I wouldn’t want to be without it.”

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