Storing our accounts payable documents electronically has eliminated human error, is saving time and has given us more control over our processes.

Ian George
Finance Director

“The company has ambitious growth plans so it is critical that we have smooth administrative and accounting systems. Our warehouse is 30 miles from our Manchester head office and we were hitting problems with purchasing. Documents could go missing between the two premises and staff were having to spend time looking through paper files. 

“Technology is helping us to make our processes more efficient as we grow. Arena integrated its mstore software with our existing accounts payable processing system. Each item of paperwork is barcoded and tagged to link it to the relevant business transaction so we keep all the related documents together. I can see all our documents if I’m working from home on the accounts or if I’m in the office.”

“The new system is saving us time - it now takes just half an hour a day rather than three hours for our receptionist to deal with the picking notes that come from our warehouse. It is impossible to misfile anything, paperwork cannot be lost and we have freed up valuable storage space. 

“We are now talking to Arena about extending the system to cover invoicing so that all our documentation will be electronic and we can stop the flow of paper completely.”