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Print Control

In our business and personal lives, it's reassuring to have information printed in black and white. Whether it's a good novel or a utility bill, print remains an essential part of day-to-day life.

However, how often do you hit the ‘print’ button only to realise that your paper size or margins are set wrong, you've printed in colour when you didn't need to - or you've accidentally printed 20 pages when you only wanted page one? Not to mention all of those forgotten and unclaimed pages left on the printer.

The problem of uncontrolled printing raises various concerns;

  • The increasing cost of printing and paper places a heavy burden on budgets
  • Colour printing is on the rise, and this pushes up the cost of consumables
  • Wasteful printing has a negative environmental impact
  • Sensitive documents printed on devices far away from the originating computer or device and/or subsequently forgotten about, pose a serious security risk.

Managing this behaviour will, undoubtedly create serious financial savings, whilst cutting the waste will reduce your carbon footprint and minimising forgotten pages addresses security concerns.

We have some clever ways to help you to ‘think before you print’

Arena can propose a variety of measures to suit the way you work and address these issues. Whether you need help to develop a new print and copy policy, or you choose to implement measures and technology to curb wasteful behaviour, we can support you in changing for the better.


Putting the Brakes on Wasteful Printing: Our Professional Services Manager, Ian Fox, explains how technology can be used to reduce wasteful, insecure and unnecessary printing.


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