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mstore for Motor Dealerships

Speed, accuracy, compliance and cost control are vital to the smooth operation of UK motor dealerships. Integration of supply chain systems and processes alongside fast and accurate communication between multiple stakeholders is key to closing and delivering sales in a timely manner.

The management and storage of documents often represents a cost and efficiency burden for UK motor dealerships, for several reasons;

  • Stringent legislation, including the new general data protection regulation (GDPR), surrounding document / data processing, retention, compliance audit and security.
  • Scarce and costly storage space for paperwork such as deal files.
  • Dispersed data / documents cannot be shared by multiple people simultaneously, or quickly accessed.
  • Difficulties in finding documents when responding to enquiries or audits.
  • Potential crises such as fires and floods present data recovery risks.

The Arena Group has developed mstore for Motor Dealerships, its own electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) to transform key processes including the deal file, service work in progress (WiP), HR and finance.

Working alongside your existing systems such as your dealer management system, mstore allows you to store, share, reference, move, track and process documents quickly and efficiently in electronic format. This has multiple benefits which all result in cost savings for your business, and is a proven solution already used by 2 of the top 6 motor dealership groups in the UK. 

Over the last two years, our mstore deal file solution has enabled us to fully capitalise on the financial and operational benefits that we were seeking to achieve through centralising our sales administration.”

- Sukh Khatkar, Financial Controller, Lookers Mercedes South

Deal files

Motor dealerships will enjoy the variety of benefits that mstore  delivers to any business including compliance, collaboration and efficiency. However, for those working with paper-based deal files, there is even more value to be gained.

Paper-based deal files present a particular problem due to their size, complexity and the number of stakeholders required to contribute to them. By its very nature a paper-based deal file can only ever be in one place at one time, presenting difficulties in terms of access for everyone who requires it. Arena’s mstore addresses these problems;

  • Once scanned into mstore, original paperwork can be disposed of to address any storage issues.
  • Documents and data in mstore can be accessed by multiple people at the same time for a fast and efficient sale process.
  • Managers can track a deal's progress, monitor compliance to company procedures and ensure the required events and documents are coming together in the right sequence and at the right time.
  • Individuals required to take action can be automatically prompted.
  • mstore integrates with major Dealer Management Systems to populate the mstore deal file with stock codes, chassis and registration numbers etc.
  • Access to the digital deal file is available within seconds for an immediate customer service response.


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Donnelly Group

"I believe that our mstore electronic document storage project will have a huge positive impact on Donnelly Group systems and processes. Working closely with the team at Arena Group, we utilised their knowledge and experience to map our workflow, creating an efficient fit for purpose system."

Leslie Savage



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