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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which number do I call to order new toner, supplies and consumables for my printer/copier device?

Q. I have a query relating to the charges I'm paying and the terms of my contract. Who can help me?

Q. Can you provide a duplicate invoice?

Q. Where can I locate the serial number of my device?

Q. My machine is jamming and/or creasing.

Q. I am getting lines on my copies.

Q. What do I do if I have run out of toner?

Q. My display screen is blank?

Q. How do I obtain the error code from my photocopier?

Q. My photocopier is showing a CD70 error code, what does this mean?

Q. My machine has a “power failure” message on the display screen, what should I do?

Q. How do I obtain the meter reading from my machine?

Q. My machine will not print.

Q. My machine will not fax

Q. Can I recycle my empty toner cartridges / waste toner bottles?

Q. Our document requirements are really complicated. We have lots of employees, dealing with lots of documents over many locations. Can you really provide us with a system that works?

Q. We are not a big corporate company. We consider ourselves as a small yet growing company that sees the benefit of running a lean and efficient operation. Even though we are a smaller company can you still help us?

Q. What should I expect to spend?

Q. We have so much archived paperwork in storage can you help us with making this digital?

Q. Do you have more information on the safe handling and materials used in my device?

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