*based on analysis of real mstore for education customers

We have been working in partnership with schools and colleges for 30 years, helping find ways to run things more efficiently. School business managers and other key personnel have been essential to the creation and refinement of the mstore for education platform, tackling challenges new and old, and delivering an increasing range of benefits.

We show the auditor how to find information in mstore and then we leave them to get on. In the past we would be fishing paperwork out of files before and during the audit but there is much less of that now and no preparation is needed beforehand."

Appleton Academy
Director of Business and Finance

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More Efficiency and Productivity

  • Time spent filing, retrieving and searching for documents can be reduced by up to 75%*
  • Intuitive and easy to use, saving on training time and ensuring a smooth uptake by users
  • Easy access to documents from other applications, such as your MIS
  • Document lifecycle, retention and disposal activities managed automatically
  • Pre-configured security roles control access to encourage information sharing, whilst ensuring that sensitive information is kept safe

Safeguarding, Security and Control

  • Full audit trail of who has done what in the system by user, action and document type
  • Easy to manage tasks and control of activity
  • Automatic document version control
  • Helps to achieve BSi10008 compliance
  • Audits at the click of a mouse, saving days in preparation time for audits and OFSTED inspections
  • Redaction - or mark-up – tools allow sensitive or non-relevant information to be blocked
  • Remove insecure, uncontrolled file archives

 Disaster Recovery and Resilience

  • Documents and information are protected from damage or loss.
  • Easy inclusion of data existing data backup processes, avoiding the need for additional IT procedures.
Arena is very familiar with the legal obligations surrounding records management in schools and we were confident from the start that they could help us to achieve our goals whilst remaining compliant with all of the rules."

Durham Trinity School
School Business Manager

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Browse some key FAQs

Can I ultimately shred all the documents I currently store?
Documents stored in mstore comply with the principles of BSi10008, the code of practice for legal admissibility of documents stored electronically.  Therefore you can prove the authenticity of your scanned information should you need to do so, which in turn means that you can destroy the original paperwork
Can’t I store documents electronically within my Management Information System?
Yes, but from the perspective of enabling you to comply with BSi10008 (in areas such as audit, security and retention) there will be significant gaps in functionality compared to mstore.  In addition, the process involved in loading a document into the MIS is invariably longer.
Who project manages the mstore implementation?
Typically your Business Manager would manage the project, supported by the Arena Group implementation team.  On completion of the PID Arena will arrange software installation, training and ongoing support.
What additional resources are required?
No additional resources are essential.  Filing processes are typically more efficient and continue to be delivered by the same personnel who may have the capacity to address your archive.  Sometimes either additional resource or the Arena Bureau service is used to address some or all of the archive.
What software systems are being run by the other Arena mstore for education users?
In terms of Pupil Records we work with:
  • SIMS
  • Integris
  • Progresso, and others
We also have a track record creating integrations and seamless working with other departmental systems such as HR and accounting including 
  • FMS
  • PS Financials
  • Corero
  • Sage
Will I require additional hardware?
No.  The PID process will detail requirements, but the majority of our Education clients utilise their existing IT and scanning infrastructure or opt for a cloud-based solution.