Go digital with PODs and more.
Transform everyday working with better management of your whole delivery cycle to a more responsive service for suppliers, customers, retailers and distributors with immediate visibility of consignments and secure access to relevant documents to avoid delays and lost loads. mstore is also proven to reduce paper, improve cash flow by accelerating more accurate and timely invoicing, and enable growth without additional headcount in businesses like Reed Boardall and Culina.

Rethink your print to reduce cost, waste and hassle
We can provide the right hardware and supporting software to do more with less. A range of apps and tools can power up your MFDs to steamline and automate everyday tasks.

Hassle-free IT and voice services.
Free up your time and focus for your core business with our IT and voice services. Let us help you reduce the cost and the burden of every day management across sites and users.



From quality print for tenders and brochures, to ease and reliability of multi- and transit site device management, Arena can help you find the right devices and supporting software.
As well as plenty of hardware options, we offer serverless and centralised print management options that enable you to push out updates, monitor and set up new devices as and when need from your centralised IT team. When it comes to closely managing your profit margin, we provide great tools for monitoring and control to bring you in budget without the hassle.

Transform how you work with paper by digitising key operations.
With easy, secure, multiple points of access to essential documents and data, mstore can streamline how you work, whilst introducing better security, version control, and ease of working with documents with everything only a click or two away.

Streamlining finance, key workflows and admin.
Capture incoming mail and documentation directly into your existing construction management or ERP system. Enable immediate, secure access, from wherever you're working, and manage out-going correspondence with hybrid mail. And stay on top of goods delivery notes and automated invoice matching with our digital accounts payable solution.

Flexible, scalable IT services and communications
Get more from your infrastructure and replicate the benefits of cloud working across your site and head office telephony and IT to retain control, drive down costs, and supercharge productive working.


Property Management

Make the right impression with cost-saving, flexible in-house print.
We'll help you fly with the right hardware and supporting software with a range of apps and tools to keep you in control without the burden.

Streamline with digital ways of working.
Flip to a more responsive service for customers, tenants and landlords with immediate access to agreements and other documents with mstore. Easy archive management and secure data protection is also sorted. Smart mail is proven  to reduce the cost and burden of marketing, with digital accounts payable automating finance admin tasks that impact on cash flow and time.

Reliable IT and voice services.
Ensure your IT infrastructure and telephony work harder for you whilst reducing cost and the burden of every day management across your high street, office and remote working locations.


Financial services

Delivering the security, efficiency and control you're looking for.
From local accountancy firms and insurance brokers, to credit unions and building societies, Arena has helped with a wide range of solutions. If you need a simple copy and print set up, a large fleet of multi-function devices, or an overhaul of your IT infrastructure, our specialist teams look at how you work to assess what’s right for you, with reliability and uptime that keeps you focused on the important stuff.

Digitising operations
mstore is a robust, secure and flexible platform for financial services.  Our credit union customers have found that mstore saves the cost of document storage and makes the set-up of new accounts and other processes more efficient. It’s quick and easy to file and retrieve documents, and customer queries can be responded to immediately - no checking files and phoning back! Whilst switching to digital mail services can transform how you manage personal documentation wherever you're working in a timely and secure way. Check out some of our solutions. It'll have your outdated paperwork running for the hills!



What makes us stand out from the crowd, is how we start with you
By understanding your needs and designing the right solution around you, our professional services specialists hit the mark to set you up with the right print, telephony or IT hardware, and configure the software stuff to deliver some amazing add ons to suit your needs. Security, waste, flexible working, cloud working..., whatever your priorities and emerging requirements we become part of the team and get you sorted.

We have your back
Then we follow through with great service from a friendly team of Arena call handlers, helpdesk and technicians, that's big enough to get your sorted and small enough to feel like we care. And great account managers and a customer relationship team stay in touch to keep you on track and in touch with new ideas for handy new tech as it comes along.

Getting digital done
Being real experts in what we do means we can transfer great ideas to improve ways of working from other industries - a real source of inspiration and innovation! But what everyone tells us, is how they love that they can stick with what works well for them and is familiar​. So you can contemplate digital transformation without the fear of being overwhelmed by change.


Government, charities and not-for-profit

We focus on delivering great value.
With cost considerations uppermost, we help resolve pain points for more effective working and find areas where improvement can deliver even more in cash-strapped organisations across IT, print, communications and digitisation.

Our ethos
A commitment to doing things right were part of the founding principles of Arena, ensuring that no unnecessary spend is made by getting the hardware right and configuring your kit to deliver reduced waste, better cost control, more productivity and more. If sustainability or energy savings are priorities for you, we can work with you to find the solution. We even have low ozone and small footprint print options ideal for devices located near your more vulnerable clients.

Removing the burden
Organisations can become bogged down with paperwork - particularly cumbersome with issues of personal data or compliance. By converting to digital ways of working, money and time has been saved, with the reassurance of putting clients’ interests first. We've worked to convert forms and personal documentation into more manageable, secure workflows that have avoided unnecessary costs of processing and archive management. Whatever your clunky paper-based process headache, we can sort with mstore.


Health and Care

Getting it right for Health and Care
Technology to support the critical work of the health and care sectors is constantly changing. And Arena is well placed to help you get the most from these opportunities. From more appropriate copy and print devices and digital sign in for residential and patient settings, to flexible ways to capture and manage personal documentation and information, and managing patient information.

Reducing ozone, noise and energy consumption without compromising print quality is just one great step forward we've been able to introduce to care settings. This ensures that the health and comfort of your clients remains a priority, while you can also reduce cost to free up budget for the more important things.

Compliance, audit-readiness and access to real time information are just a few of the challenges we've helped care organisations overcome. From digital data capture for home care workers that improve accuracy and access to real time information, to easy access and more robust management of secure, personal records and archives.


Let's get started!

We'd love to hear from you, so we can help sort out your workplace technology.