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How to Recycle a Filing Cabinet

Electronic document management is becoming more sophisticated, and as more organisations are opting to go paperless, many may find their old, dis-used filing cabinets obsolete. We've provided some fun tips on how you can re-purpose your old cranky cabinets.

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Electronic Signature – Holding Back the Paperless Office

With environmental concerns on the rise, the incentive for a move towards the paperless office looks set only to increase. The advent of the digital age has seen the paperless office transform from a speck on the horizon to a very tangible and near reality.

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How to Ensure Data Protection in Education

Data Protection is imperative in any organisation, and especially in the education sector where securing pupil's information is vital. Read our top tips to ensure that you're up-to-date with data compliance.

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What will you do when the worst happens?

Arena’s Operations Manager, Neil Maude, has been musing on crisis recovery of late, following recent news about widespread UK floods. Here he provides his thoughts on how businesses can prepare for the failure of key suppliers and infrastructure.

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Keeping your data secure

As data is increasingly stored online, it presents a risk that few companies are well-equipped to deal with. To help keep your digital information secure, we’ve got some tips on how to mitigate risk when storing and accessing your data.

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Steps towards the less paper dream

Understanding how to make our businesses more sustainable, more productive and more efficient is a challenge many of us face. Neil Maude shares some simple steps towards reducing your reliance on paper.

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Is your school compliant with document retention requirements?

With retention periods for pupil records ranging from days to decades, how do you ensure that you are compliant? Although the examples are for school documents, the advice applies to all sectors.

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How do you value your data?

The IRMS conference is Europe’s premier event for the records management profession and, whilst much of the content is technical and specific, it’s also a great way to get an overview of trends and themes in information management. Neil Maude shares his thoughts on the event.

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Change your office culture with a Managed Print Service

By working with the right print and copy provider you can realise significant savings, whilst also increasing the security of printed documentation. But where do you start?

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Jeremy Vine talks print

Jeremy was discussing printers with BBC’s technology consultant. While they were speaking about issues for home users, many of the points rang true for business as well.

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Biometrics: document security is at your fingertips

As biometric security becomes more popular, we are seeing increased usage at the point of print. Arena’s Head of Professional Services, Ian Fox, takes a look at the reasons why, outlining the rationale and benefits behind biometric authentication technology.

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Google Vice President Vint Cerf: Print digital files, or risk losing them

The Telegraph reported on internet pioneer Vint Cerf’s warning that it is time to start preserving vast quantities of digital data before they are lost forever.

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MPs call for a ban on long email disclaimers

Sir Alan Duncan, MP, recently called for a ban on long email disclaimers, citing the wasteful print practices that they encourage. Arena's Ian Fox explains why such drastic action is not necessary and outlines the ways in which many organisations are already tackling the problem.

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Is your printer data secure?

MFP’s (Multi Function Printers) are often overlooked in an organisation's security policy. This can be a risk if sensitive data is processed through the machine, but there are solutions available to ensure that private data remains private. Arena’s Ian Fox explains:

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Software for easy-peesy printer management !

Many of our customers utilise leading edge technology that plays a key part in making their print and copy strategy much more efficient, transparent and easy to manage. Our Professional Services Manager, Ian Fox, takes a brief look at the key benefits.

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Mobile printing made easier

We’ve been taking a look at some of the more recent applications on the market that can help you get a file from your mobile device and onto paper.

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Looking back: 6 Key Changes in Business

Three of Arena’s longest serving staff members tell us how changes in the workplace over the last twenty years have affected them, and the service that Arena provides:

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Managing the ‘Bring your Own Device’ (BYOD) challenge

Use of mobile devices in the workplace is on the increase, offering countless business benefits from improved efficiency to a fully provisioned mobile workforce. However, it also presents new challenges in taking care of your business critical documents, data, IT network and print output.

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10 reasons to curb your paper addiction

At Arena, we often still come across organisations that are so heavily reliant on paper that they seem to defy the digital age we now live in. When we ask them why, we tend to hear a common set of reasons for clinging on to heavily paper-driven processes. This article summarises the top 10 excuses and the reasons why they need to be fed through the shredder.

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The top 6 reasons to outsource your print and copy management

Outsourcing is contracting a business function to an external party. Arena's Gary Putson takes a look at the benefits of outsourcing your print and copy management.

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