Sustainability strategies 

Being green is important to us and we appreciate the importance of these values amongst other organisations, as well as the challenges of realising a vision for sustainability.​

Between 2009 and 2019, Arena Group and its MFD customers offset 15,265.30 tonnes of CO2e to actively support community based projects throughout Africa and delivering a range of positive impacts to thousands of families. We also help our customers in a number of ways to be eco-friendly and to achieve sustainability and low carbon targets.

  • Energy efficient printers and copiers that use less power and have sleep modes
  • Bespoke software to minimise unnecessary printing
  • Machines that print on both sides of the paper
  • Our document management system, mstore, enables scanning, organisation and retrieval of critical documents and thereby reduces your printing and document storage costs
  • Apps on your devices and other digital solutions can also automate tasks, removing paper from your everyday processes
  • Recycling of your old printers and related supplies. (Find out more about toner cartridge recycling here)
Reed Boardall has been committed to a ‘green strategy’ from the early 1990s and the new Electronic Document Management (EDM) system is targeted to reduce paper costs by at least 30%.

Reed Boardall
One of the UK’s largest temperature controlled food distributors

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Helping you become greener

We work to help you meet your environmental aspirations and targets. 

We can get the most of your workplace technology to reduce energy consumption, reduce waste, and recycle. Managed print and digitisation give you more control over how much paper your workforce uses. We can help you devise the right protocols and encourage new behaviours that help achieve greener ways of working without compromising on business performance.

There are even options for reforestation and regular reviews to see how you're tracking against your go greener goals.

A Sustainable Future with Xerox

Being part of the Xerox family, a global leader in innovation and sustainability, we're now part of something even bigger!

Xerox is committed to be carbon neutral by 2040. Clean Tech, 3D Metal Printing and IoT Sensors are three key areas of innovation designed to deliver sustainable solutions for customers and the global community.

Xerox closely tracks progress to evidence environmental sustainability, and is prioritising efforts to use resources wisely for the benefit of the environment, communities and the economy.

Greener intelligence is the centre of Xerox Workplace offering; from device design, apps and analytics to print awareness and visibility, change management and Workflow Solutions.

According to the 2020 Xerox CSR report:

  • For another year, Xerox succeeded in launching all new products to both Energy Star and EPEAT
  • Internal operations and facilities globally achieved the 2020 goal by reducing water use by 38%.
  • The Xerox - Printerleaf partnership resulted in the planting of 100,000 trees in the most needed forest of the world, offset 1 billion printed pages of our customers and Xerox offices.
  • Post-consumer recycled (PCR) content increased
  • Single use (product plastics) were reduced
  • Design for longer life and durability principles continued to lead product development
  • Energy use in operations decreased
  • Greenhouse gases reduced by 60% from 2016
  • Collection rates for recycling, reuse & remanufacture increased